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The Oscar winning cine equipment manufacturer P+S Technik, one of the main sponsors of BIRNBAUM, published its August 2007 and February 2009 newsletter. It is also about the innovative BIRNBAUM film technology:

»Tapeless short film production “Birnbaum” shot with the MINI35

At fmx/07, Stuttgart, director Ronald Scharf has presented a new developed workflow that combines the major benefits of digital cinematography and analogue film. The 35mm exhibition copies of the short film BIRNBAUM (Pear Tree) were produced without use of any video tape or intermediate film material. The original DVCPRO HD video data, stored on P2 memory cards and hard disks, were directly transferred by a Cinevator Digital Film Printer to positive 35mm film. DoP Vadim Belokovsky used P+S Technik Mini35, Zeiss high speed lenses and macro lenses in order to achieve an analogue film look.

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Get here even more information on the Birnbaum production workflow.

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